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About Me

Thank you sooooo much for your interest!

Ever since I was a young kid, (shooting with a disposable camera) I've had a passion for freezing moments and memories in time. Now, having the opportunity to document the love between two people; that super exciting, crazy anticipation & joy of waiting to welcome a new bundle; the unconditional love a parent has for their child(ren); and/or any and all things newborn baby-related, absolutely fills my heart!

These are the moments that I LOVE, and live to capture!
It's also important to note that my style of photography is more about capturing the moments, and less about getting that perfectly posed "everyone looking and smiling" shot. (Don't worry, I will direct and guide you through the entire process, and I will still work to get those "everyone look at me" shots in as well!)





On a more personal note-I've been blessed with 5 beautiful kids.

Being their mom is my first, most important & most rewarding (sometimes most exhausting-ha!) job. I'm so very lucky to be able to watch them grow, while also being able to do what makes my heart smile.

I'd loved to help you create some fun memories, and capture some precious moments for you! Photos last a lifetime, and having those memories to have and share, are absolutely PRICELESS ♥

TO BOOK- visit my CONTACT ME page,  and together we can freeze some magical moments in time for you!

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