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I'm pregnant! When should we reach out for our session?

- For In-Home Newborn, and Maternity Sessions, I suggest you reach out once you're in the 2nd trimester.

(This helps to ensure I am able to hold availability based on your EDD)


As for timing:

- Newborn sessions are typically scheduled in the morning, and when baby is between 10-21 days young (there is a lot of flexibility in the date range for age)

-Maternity sessions are scheduled around sunset, and can be scheduled in "anytime" during your pregnancy, however I recommend somewhere between 30-34 weeks. Every pregnancy is different, but usually momma-to-be will be "showing" more but won't be too uncomfortable. I have done sessions with 'mini bumps' early on, as well as mommas around 38 weeks - so if you're making a last minute decision to squeeze a session in before you pop, or don't want to wait to do a session, don't be discouraged about contacting me (there's no "too soon or too late")!

How far in advance should I book my family session?

- Please try to reach out at least 2 months in advance*. (Keeping in mind Fall dates go VERY fast, since that is peak season for family sessions)  *My schedule does fluctuate, so feel free to reach out even if it's last minute, and we can try to make something work!


As for timing:


- Outdoor sessions are typically sunset sessions and take place about an hour before the sun sets (depending on the package, location & weather)

Do you offer discounts?

I sure do!

Maternity clients will receive a discount on their In-Home Newborn session.

I also offer a Loyalty discount to all my returning clients, as a thank you for their support.

Lastly, I will sometimes offer specials only shown on Instagram - follow me there so that you don't miss out!

Do you have a studio and/or provide props?

I do not have a studio, all my sessions are done at outdoor locations (or in the comfort of your home)

I am all about focusing on the emotion and moments during a session, but props can be fun to include as well.

I don't provide any, but if you'd like to include them, you are more than welcome to.

What to bring really depends on what is symbolic or sentimental to you.

I am always available to discuss any thoughts and idea for our session together.

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